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Sagittarius Horoscope For March 2024


3rd Venus in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus

As March Venus remains in your area of communication and short distance travel, and on March 3rd it forms a tense connection (a square) with Uranus in Taurus in your area of daily life and work. This planetary configuration suggests that you may experience sudden and unexpected changes in your daily routine or work environment. You may also feel the need to break free from traditional or conventional ways of doing things and embrace more innovative and unconventional approaches. This could lead to opportunities for new connections and exciting experiences, but it is important to be mindful of potential disruptions or changes that may arise. Overall, it’s a time to stay flexible and open to new possibilities.

10 Pisces New Moon

New Moon in Pisces 20° in your 4th house, which is widely conjunct transit Saturn and transit Neptune. You may be experiencing a time of deep emotions and heightened sensitivity, particularly in the realm of your home and family life. This could be a time for you to focus on healing past wounds and emotional baggage in order to move forward with greater clarity and purpose.

The wide conjunction with Saturn suggests that this could be a challenging period, as you may feel limited or restricted in some way. However, this could also be an opportunity for you to build greater discipline and structure in your personal life, setting a foundation for future growth and success.

At the same time, the wide conjunction with Neptune suggests that you may also be feeling a sense of confusion or uncertainty, particularly around matters of the heart and your deepest desires. It’s important to stay grounded and focused on practical steps you can take to address these issues, rather than getting lost in a sea of emotions or spiritual ideals.

Overall, this New Moon marks a powerful time for inner reflection and emotional healing, as well as for setting new intentions around your home and family life.

17 Sun in Pisces Conjunct Neptune in Pisces

The conjunction of Sun and Neptune in Pisces can bring about a heightened sense of intuition, creativity, and spirituality. With this transit occurring in your 4th house, you may feel a strong connection to your home and family, and may be more inclined to spend time in solitude or engage in introspective activities. You may also feel a desire to express yourself creatively in your home environment, perhaps through decorating or redecorating. In additon, this transit can bring about a sense of emotional depth and sensitivity, so be sure to take time to care for your emotional well-being during this time.

21 Venus in Pisces Conjunct Saturn in Pisces

When transit Venus in Pisces connects with Saturn in your 4th house, it can bring a lot of emotional depth and intensity to your personal life. You may experience a strong need for security and stability in your home and family life during this time. This transit could also bring up feelings of nostalgia and a desire to connect with your roots and ancestry. It’s a good time to focus on building a solid foundation for your personal life and making sure your emotional needs are being met.

22 Mars Enters Pisces

Transit Mars entering your domestic sphere ruled by water sign Pisces, can bring a focus on home and family matters. You may feel the urge to make changes in your living situation or address issues within your family dynamics. This can also be a time of heightened emotions and sensitivity, so it’s important to communicate clearly and avoid any unnecessary conflicts. It’s a good time to channel your energy into creative or domestic projects, and to prioritize self-care and nurturing activities.

25 Libra Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse in Libra in your 11th house can bring attention to your social circle, community, and long-term goals. This can be a time of reflection on your relationships with friends and colleagues, and you may find yourself reevaluating your connections and commitments in these areas. It’s a good time to focus on collaboration and cooperation, as well as taking steps towards your larger aspirations. You may also experience some tension between your personal desires and the needs of the group, so it’s important to find a balance between the two. This eclipse can bring important insights and new perspectives that can guide you towards greater harmony and fulfillment in your social and professional life. 

The opposition of the Libra Lunar Eclipse in the 11th house to out-of-sign Neptune can bring some challenges around your social and community connections. You may experience some confusion or uncertainty around your relationships with friends and colleagues, and it may be difficult to see things clearly or make decisions with confidence. It’s important to be cautious about any new social commitments or group projects during this time, as there may be hidden or unclear motivations at play. It’s also possible that you may feel a sense of disillusionment or disappointment with certain friendships or community affiliations, as your expectations may not be met.

However, this can also be a time of spiritual growth and deeper understanding of your own values and beliefs, which can help you to navigate these challenges with greater clarity and integrity.