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Sagittarius Horoscope for October 2022

Jupiter, your ruler, is in its solstice until October 16th (since September 8th). This has likely slowed down your life progress and made it more challenging to achieve certain goals and milestones, eventually making you reassess certain aspects of your current life situation. You will get better clarity regarding your life and future plans after the 16th of the month. 

The 23rd seems like a vibrant day as the Sun and Venus move into a new territory of intense Scorpio that rules your area of hidden matters, favouring work from behind the scenes. In addition, the great teacher Saturn, the lord of karma as many call him, finally changes direction and begins its direct motion. What a blessing! After months of delays, you will see progress in your life. Still, if you are in a career related to translation, copywriting or proofreading, Saturn stationing direct may bring some rewards, primarily if you have worked consistently without cutting corners in the last few months. Since Saturn rules your financial sphere, you will likely become clearer about your financial situation. However, since Saturn is still going to form a tense aspect with Uranus until the end of November, you will have to work harder to increase your earnings. 

The solar eclipse on October 25th falls in your twelve house of hidden matters and private life, causing significant events and possible changes in your life’s background. 

Jupiter returns into your home sphere on October 28th until December 20th. During this time, your need for peace and security in your home life, where you want to feel emotionally safe, increases. You may find it comforting to beautify your home space; however, under the influence of Jupiter in Pisces, these projects are likely to be of a minor nature. The goal is to improve the surroundings rather than refurbish the entire house from scratch because that would be more related to Saturn or Pluto transit. For older people, issues concerning retirement or pension plans are essential during this phase. Sometimes Jupiter in the fourth house can also indicate an increase in the number of people living in your home throughout this transit. 

Mars stations retrograde in Gemini from October 30th until mid-January 2023, triggering your area of love and personal relationships. During this time, you may experience difficulties in communication with your partner. How you handle conflict within your close relationships and your ability to assert yourself will also be emphasised throughout this time. 

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