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Scorpio 2022 Horoscope – Your Annual Forecast


When Jupiter stays in your sphere of creativity, children, and romance in the first four and a half months of the year, you will approach life in a more carefree way. Your need to express yourself creatively is likely to increase, and you may also decide you want to break away from old routines and outlived life patterns. While seeing the romantic side of your life from a very different angle, you will attract influential people into your life who may help you move up the ladder of success. A new love relationship is also possible. If you experienced difficulties connecting with your children in the past or young people at your place of work, this year situation might also improve.

When Jupiter stays in fiery Aries between mid-May and October 2022, your job will get more effortless and more enjoyable. Working conditions may improve too, as well as relationships with your co-workers. If your job involves providing service of some sort, then this transit helps establish a friendly interchange with clients and customers. Under the influence of this transit, you function best when you can handle tasks your own way and at your own pace. Watch out as your dietary choices may change temporarily, and you may unconsciously be more prone to eating more fatty foods, resulting in quick weight gain.

Partnerships may bring positive and strengthening energy with the transiting North Node in Taurus this year and the South Node in Scorpio, partnerships may bring positive and sweetening energy. You may attract strong and competent partners; however, pay attention because you might also attract partners who want to dominate you. With the transiting South Node in Scorpio in your 1st house, you may also experience physical or psychological fatigue, resulting in you being easily drained by others. For this reason, make sure you rest when tired. 

Mars retrograde occurs in the mutable sign Gemini this year between the end of October and the middle of January 2023. Throughout this time, your intimate life, how you manage your shared and joint resources will go under close review. It is not the best period to try for a loan or expect much gain from any investments you may have. Instead, focus on what you already have and use this time to dive deep within the self and move away from any negative habits and routines to make space for something greater to emerge.  

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