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The Sun/Moon midpoint in Astrology

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There are 78 midpoints in total in astrology. This is if we take into account the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, the nodes of the Moon, the Ascendant and MC. Our chart is full of important midpoints that, when triggered by transits, progressions, solar arcs or eclipses, can bring either life improvements and developments or crises depending on the nature of the aspect and the factor/object involved.

The Sun/Moon midpoint is a significant point in the birth chart, and it is located halfway between the natal Sun and the Moon.

To fully understand the Sun/Moon midpoint, we first need to look at some of the characteristics of the Sun and the Moon. While the Sun is our vitality and fundamental life force, the Moon is connected to our feelings and emotional needs. When we combine these energies, we get the strongest combined expression of these two luminaries’. The Sun/Moon midpoint describes the integration of our self-expression and emotional as well as masculine and feminine energy.

The Sun/Moon midpoint is also an important midpoint for relationships. Suppose you meet someone whose personal planets, or the ascendant aspect your Sun/Moon midpoint or alternatively your Sun/Moon midpoint aspect someone else’s Venus or Mars by hard aspect then there is a potential that this could be a potential love partner. The aspects that are made to the Sun/Moon midpoint should be ‘hard’ like conjunctions, squares and oppositions because these types of aspects stimulate change and are action-oriented.

When already in an established commitment, on the other hand, the relationship can go through major changes when triggered by transit, progression or when a solar arc makes an aspect to the Sun/Moon Midpoint. Here again, the nature of the changes or dilemmas will depend on the planet that aspect the midpoint. For example, when your Sun/Moon midpoint is activated by transiting Uranus, issues of independence and freedom will come into focus; Pluto can initiate a transformative theme, while Saturn can make one feel restricted or limited within their relationship.

When it comes to the orbs, according to astrologer Don McBroom who spent years researching this topic, his recommended orb for the Sun/Moon midpoint is up to 2 degrees. However, he also emphasised that it is essential to follow one’s instinct, and if one feels strongly that a larger orb should be applied, then it is OK to extend the recommended orb for another half degree.

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