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The Ascendant: How Others See You

    Ascendant, also called the rising sign, is a zodiacal sign that rises in the sky at the time of our birth. It doesn’t have to be the same sign as our Sun Sign. However, it is one of the most important and most significant points in the horoscope. Often called the second sign of the zodiac, it is even more important than the Sun sign. It informs us about the type of body and face features we will have, how others see us and how we project ourselves into the outer world.

    When we first meet someone, the first impression they make on us and what we see is the ascendant sign characteristics and not the Sun Sign features. Once we get to know the person well, we will then start to recognise their Sun Sign characteristics, but, initially, we will primarily notice their rising sign features.  Ascendant is, therefore, a mask that we wear for the world, or glasses, through which other people perceive us.

    Learn about the Traits of Your Rising Sign

    Aries on Ascendant

    People with Aries on their Ascendant are usually very active, slim and have an athletic figure. Their face is often triangular with a high forehead, the chin is strongly marked, and they have a distinctive glance and sometimes even curly hair. The neck and head are slim and the nose is rather sharp, strongly distinguished and protruded. Often there are marks or a scar on their face, such as spots or birthmarks. An individual with this sign placement can be of dynamic and impulsive nature, usually independent from an early age.  The vocations associated with this ascendant sign are often connected to leadership and management.  People with Aries on their ascendant are great at starting projects, but very often find it difficult to get through to the end. Monotony and routine are their biggest enemies and they love the variation and are action-oriented.

    Taurus on Ascendant

    Taurus on the ascendant, makes one a very attractive and good looking person, often with big and round eyes. People with this sign on their ascendant may have a tendency to gain weight. They are of an honest and trustworthy nature and they reveal their outer personality in a way that follows their values of stability, practicality and persistence. Their nature and attitude show that they are loyal and genuine. The way they approach life is from the point of stability with5e an inner gift for building success in the outside world.

    Gemini on Ascendant

    With the rising sign in Gemini, you are slim and tall. You walk fast and burn calories quickly, as you cannot sit still. Your eyes are big and sharp and your nose is long. You also have long arms and large but thin lips. You keep your youthful body shapes for a long time. People with Gemini on their ascendant, can one day be full of faith and optimism, and another day they can act opposite. Furthermore, they are also always full of good intentions, but often finding no strength to achieve them. Nevertheless, these moods are not persistent, as the mind is too active and occupied with all sort of thoughts and ideas.

    Cancer on Ascendant

    With ascendant in Cancer, you are rather short, have a round, chubby face like the Moon, the ruler of this sign. Your figure is rather round with full lips. Women with Cancer on their ascendant have often large breasts and men have a tendency to grow a belly. Sensitive and aware of other people’s feelings, you have natural empathy and desire to protect those around you.

    Leo on Ascendant

    If your ascendant is in Leo, your body is well built with wide shoulders. Your eyes are beautiful and they often look like cat eyes. Your head may be large, and your hair is rather of a lighter shade like of a lion. Men with Leo on their ascendant often grow a beard. Your natural approach to life is to enjoy your enthusiasm for having fun. With your unique ability for being a creative and a sensible leader, you know how to motivate and encourage people around you.

    Virgo on Ascendant

    With ascendant in Virgo, you are rather slim. Your nose is narrow and eye close together. Your hair is straight and your lips narrow. Growing up you may have looked older than your actual age, but this won’t be the case in your adolescence. You always strive for perfection and have a need to tell others what they can improve in their life or themselves. Precise, analytical, good at organising and planning, you can be incredibly critical of yourself. You should be careful and not lose your spontaneity in pursuit of perfection.

    Libra on Ascendant

    When your ascendant is in Libra, you will be a good-looking person full of grace and charm. You are of a slim figure, with a small nose, full lips and rather a light complexion. You have beautifully curled eyelashes, which bring other’s attention. With age, your body may change and you will be more round than in you were in your youth. You are a friendly person of a polite nature. Partnerships are vital to you, and you probably have no major difficulty getting the attention of potential partners or partners. Worse, however, with maintaining a relationship for longer, because your love relationships often break down because of the struggle for dominance. Sometimes you attract people who are brave and willing to provoke conflicts.

    Scorpio on Ascendant

    With ascendant in Scorpio, you will have a square face, often bushy eyebrows, and thick hair. Your eyes or probably your best feature, you look deeply in people’s eyes. Some may find it uncomfortable and mysterious. The outer world perceives you as an energetic individual. There is a lot of magnetism and charisma that fascinates some, while others can be frightened of the intense energy that surrounds you. You are an incredibly insightful person who can see the motives of others. Privacy is crucial to you, and you do not like to give others personal details from your life. In love, you are looking for a stable, dedicated and responsible person.

    Sagittarius on Ascendant

    Sagittarius on your ascendant will give you a wide, happy smile. Apart from that, you have got big lips and teeth. You are tall and slim, due to your hyperactive personality, however, Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, will make you gain weight with age. You are an enthusiastic and spontaneous individual, continually looking for a new adventure. At times others may perceive as being a bit naive or overly optimistic. You try to create your own opinions on everything that seems relevant or interesting to you, and then share them with others.

    Capricorn on Ascendant

    Capricorn on your ascendant you will be of a slim nature, with a face with strongly defines cheekbones and chin. Your nose will often be rather long and hooked. Women with Capricorn ascendant have fine and weak hair. Men, on the other hand, become bald very quickly. Success comes later in life for those with Capricorn on their ascendant. You feel that you need to work long and persistently for success. It is possible that growing up, you were overwhelmed with work and responsibilities and people said you looked older than your age. You are future-oriented, and the final goal is more important to you than temporarily satisfying your desires.

    Aquarius on Ascendant

    If your rising sign is in Aquarius, you are of a rather eccentric nature. You can have an unusual and attention-seeking personality. Your complexion can be quite distinct with exotic features. You are rather tall with big eyes and thin lips. At first, you may seem a bit cold and distant, but that is due to your great need for independence. Both with your behaviour and the way of being you try to emphasize your originality and uniqueness. You try to stand out from the crowd, often with some element of appearance (for instance clothes, make-up). Apart from that, you can understand other people’s need for individuality, thanks to your tolerant nature.

    Pisces on Ascendant

    Finally, if your ascendant is in the sign of Pisces you are of a rather small body built. Your skin colour is clear and light, your nose is usually small, lips are full and eyes are dreamy. You are very easy-going. Others perceive you as a dreamy person and spiritual. Usually, you are guided by instinct and intuition and not logic. Your friends and family often don’t know what to expect from you, as you are very receptive to the influence of other people. You can be very changeable, both in appearance and in your way of being.

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