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Venus and Mars Conjunction 13th July 2021

Venus and Mars conjunction on July 13th at 19 degrees of Leo marks the beginning of the the cycle between these two relationship planets that will last until 22nd February 2024.  

The last Venus and Mars conjunction took place on August 24th, 2019 at 4° Virgo. 

Venus and Mars conjunct more or less every 2 years however these cycles are part of a much larger story, which always commences with a conjunction. Every 32 years Venus will conjunct Mars in the same zodiac at around the same degree. The next time these two planets conjoin at a similar degree will be in 2053 14 July at 23 Leo.  

Venus and Mars are like the opposite energies that attract each other even though they represent different qualities. This polarity can be seen in: Mars rules Aries and Venus rules Libra. Mars co-rules Scorpio and Venus Taurus. Mars is dynamic and impulsive, while Venus seeks peace and harmony. Venus is a symbol for feminine energy, and Mars is a symbol for masculine energy

The Upcoming Venus-Mars Cycle starting on July 13th, 2021

The most important aspects of the Venus-Mars cycle are Venus conjunct Mars, Venus square Mars and Venus opposite Mars

  • July 13th, 2021 – this is when we can start a new relationship or a new creative project. 
  • February 16th 2022- Conjunction (Venus retro) 
  • March 6th 2022- Conjunction (Venus direct) 

Before we move forward I would like to emphasize that Mars (the masculine planet) will be dominant in this cycle as all three conjunctions will occur in the signs that favour Mars rather than Venus. A Marsian approach to relationships emphasises dominance, superiority rather than love, collaboration, peace and balance.

  • 16th September 2022 – 1st square (This is when you can make some adjustments to whatever it is that you’ve started on July 13th, 2021).
  • 1 December 2022- 1st opposition. (The highlight of the cycle. You now have full clarity of where you stand).
  • 5th Feb 2023 – final square (Depending on how things have been going, this can also be a time when you reap the rewards. You decide what you want to take on with you into the new cycle, and what you want to leave behind).
  • The current Venus-Mars cycle will end on 22nd February 2024 when Venus and Mars conjoin again at 6° of Aquarius. 

Venus Conjunct Mars – How this Cycle Will Influence You?

Firstly look at your natal chart and see whether you have any planets or angles around the degrees where Venus and Mars aspect each other (use a 1°-2° orb). The more planets and angles you have around these degrees, the more meaningful this Venus-Mars cycle will be for you keeping in mind that the most important degree to look for is 19° Leo because this is where the cycle begins. Even if you don’t have planets or angles around these degrees you will still be influenced by this cycle, because the conjunction of Venus and Mars will transit one of the houses of your birth chart

If you want to learn more about July’s Venus and Mars conjunction watch the video below.

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