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Venus Star into Libra – What to Expect I October 22nd, 2022

Venus Star Point

Every time Venus aligns with the Sun, it transforms from a morning to an evening star and at the same time it creates a petal known as the Venus Star Point. It takes eight years for the whole star to be created.

The current Rose of Venus cycle began in June 2020 (Venus rx) and it will end on June 2028- Venus Star Point direct.

Since January 2022, Venus has been travelling as a morning star. However when Venus aligns with the Sun on October 22, 2022, she will gradually transform into an evening star. This transformation won’t happen immediately, and it can take up to 2,5 months. While Venus transitions into becoming an evening star it will help us to activate feelings of self-love and self-care.

It is the first time that the star pattern will occur in the sign of Libra since the eighteen-hundreds. The 29th degree of the zodiac is so called a karmic degree. It is considered to be a remarkably significant degree that can especially enrich and improve the planetary energies. 

During the last passage through Libra that occurred from 1771 to 1880 the American and French Revolution took place, this is also when a wonderful music was created by a Polish composer Chopin, a German composer Beethoven, the spread of Romanticism throughout Europe and even the United States was rapid towards the late 18th century too. 

Significant worldly events happen when the Venus Star Point leaves a sign and enters a new one.  We are moving away from a Mars dominated culture to a Venus dominated culture. We can expect a massive shift in masculine/feminine energy moving forward in the next 100 years. Male and female roles will most certainly be transformed, similar to what we have experienced or witnessed during the significant gender restructuring that has occurred during these last 100 years. 

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