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Weekly Astrology Forecast w/c July 4th-10th, 2022

The week begins with Mars moving into the stable earth sign Taurus where it will remain until August 20th, 2022. With Mars in Taurus, we are more determined to achieve our goals. However, it is also going to makes us more persistent and relentless over the next six weeks—moving towards our desires at a slower pace as we play the long game.

Mars is about action, movement and activity, while Taurus is about our values, so what we do throughout this transit must align with our needs if they’re going to amount to anything. This is a fantastic time to look at what we’ve recently started, around May, during the eclipses season and use the drive and ambition of Mars in Taurus to make it happen.

Also, on Monday, Mercury, the planet of communication, enters the water sign Cancer until July 18th. With Mercury in Cancer, thoughts and communication take on a deeper meaning, and everything becomes a little more personal. Feelings can be easily hurt when emotions rule over our thoughts.

While Mercury travels through Cancer, we think about things on a deeper level during this transit and have a greater ability to process and express our feelings. Mercury in Cancer allows us to communicate with a softer touch, become more intimate, and share ourselves more personally with others. Cancer focuses on everything that makes us feel comfortable, safe, and loved. When the planet of communication is in this sign, it’s easier to connect lovingly with others

As Mercury and Mars transition into new territories, they will connect in a supportive sextile, creating opportunities to practice your knowledge. This is, without a doubt, an action-oriented time. 

The middle of the week is likely to remain pretty calm until at least Friday (July 8th), at which point Mercury will make a rather challenging connection with Jupiter. On the one hand, this transit can put us in a positive mindset. However, on the other hand, too much confidence can lead to mistakes and bad decisions. For this reason, this is not a good time for jumping too quickly to conclusions, as under the influence of this transit, there is a tendency for exaggeration and overestimation. 

To make the best out of this transit, it is best to remain cautious without committing to anything before thinking things through. Although this influence can give a lot of energy and enthusiasm to start something, you may lack the self-discipline to follow through. If you take on a new project now, be careful not to overestimate your abilities and promise too much. You can be a little impractical now. This transit is not the best for routine work or anything that requires a lot of focus. It is better suited for going out and having fun with people.

The week concludes (Sunday, July 10th) with the Sun in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus, making it an excellent time for spending time with friends and family. With Uranus involved, this is also a perfect time for trying new things and experiences. Any projects related to media and the internet are also like to go smoothly. 

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For more insights regarding the energies for the upcoming week, watch the video below.

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