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Chiron was discovered in 1977 orbiting between the planets Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn and Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius. Many consider it as an asteroid or a small planet. 

Chiron in Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur – an ideal combination of human intelligence and animal instinct. He was the child of the Gods, a half-human and a half-horse immortal creature. Regardless of its look, Chiron was a great teacher, holistic healer, astrologer and musician. Many of his students were the greatest warriors, healers and future leaders of the times. 

Chiron is very often regarded as”the wounded healer” due to a wound he received from a poison arrow. The arrow didn’t kill him; however, he never quite recovered from it and as a result of that, was destined to live in pain. 

This myth about Chiron’s suffering, and what awareness and meaning we can derive from it, becomes the central theme of the tale and the asteroid Chiron. 

Chiron in the Astrological Chart

Chiron in the birth chart reveals where we have suffered but also where we have a chance to become a healer or a mentor for others. Chiron here not only shows the sphere of life where we are expected to feel hurt; however, also the area where we obtain healing when we bring awareness to our woundedness.

Once we identify the cause of our wounding, we can become a healing force for others in that area.

Chiron’s house position in the birth chart points to an area of life where we are generally more vulnerable and where healing can occur. By failing to accept this vulnerability, we are unable to obtain meaning from it. As a result of that, we may end up hurting others unintentionally around the very same issues. 

By bringing this vulnerability to light, we move from being incurably wounded in this area of our lives to becoming master teachers, like Chiron, for the healing of others. 

Chiron’s position by sign symbolises the valuable lessons we are here to learn, also the essence of our wounding and how healing can occur.

Chiron in Aspects

The main aspects that Chiron makes to the birth chart in its fifty-year journey around the Sun correspond to important events and lessons in our lives. 

As the orbit of Chiron around the Sun is quite oval, the first time Chiron squares its natal position can be anywhere from the age of 5 and a half to the age of 23 years old.

The challenge that we experience at the time of our first Chiron square can mean both our first early wounding and our opening to spirituality. 

The opposition describes a time of opening and deepening to spiritual realities and also to the difficulties that arose at the first square. For many people, the opposition occurs in their mid 30’s. Oftentimes this can be a time when we begin to truly understand what our goal and life purpose are on this planet. 

Chiron Return

Chiron returns to its original natal position around the age of around 49 and 51. For those who have worked on understanding and healing their wounds, it can be a wonderful time of great creativity. However, if the lessons of Chiron have not been recognised or worked on, it can be a challenging experience. 

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