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Black Moon Lilith in Cancer – All Signs Forecast

Find out How the BML in Cancer will Influence Your Zodiac Sign:

The Black Moon Lillith in Cancer can make you upset about matters and issues concerning your home and family. You may get caught up in a situation assuming that your family is the problem, but in reality, it could be that you are the one who is running away from home or family-related responsibilities. On a different level, throughout the duration of this transit, you may expect your family members to save you from life difficulties or resolve your emotional problems. Deep down, though, you may discover that some parts of your behaviour might be upsetting your loved ones, prompting you to change something in your way of being. Even if you are dealing with a situation out of your control, you will eventually realise that you need to be more patient with your family members without always expecting them to help you. The Black Moon Lillith’s offering to you is the opportunity to bring unconscious behaviour to the surface where it can no longer act uncontrollably.

With the Black Moon Lillith in Cancer, your words will have a profound effect on others, so use your words wisely as they may seem harsh at times and might put you in trouble even if your intentions are genuine. Throughout the duration of this transit, you might become more critical and have dark feelings and thoughts. On the positive side, you will be able to face the truth with more ease, dive deep into the core of any problem that made you speak out and acknowledge the impact of your words on your loved ones. You may find that others come to you with their problems more often than usual, as your ability to understand strong emotions will become as beneficial as a counselling session. 

With the Black Moon Lilith in Cancer, problems may arise regarding money. Throughout the duration of this transit, you are likely to blame others for your money issues, but in reality, it is unlikely to be purely their fault. Perhaps your ability to manage the finances, in some way, contribute to any problems concerning your income. You can overcome your financial difficulties once you realise what is blocking or contributing to your financial success. Your self-esteem may be somehow connected to your financial problems. Perhaps you need to change your job, or are afraid of taking a financial risk or are you overspending, compensating for lack of self-esteem and happiness? Whatever the scenario, with Black Moon Lilith in Cancer, you can face the truths and build more financial freedom for yourself and your loved ones.

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