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Cancer Horoscope for October 2022

    Venus, Mercury and Jupiter have their solstice this month. A solstice occurs when a planet slows down in its latitudinal motion and then changes direction. Venus solstice (until October 3rd) is about delays and changes related to your friendships and the home sphere. Mercury solstice, on the other hand, may bring delays and a fresh start concerning your siblings, relatives and short-distance travel between the 13th-16th. Finally, the Jupiter solstice between 1st-16th may bring delays and news regarding your employment and daily routine.

    Mercury stations direct this month along with Saturn and Pluto. This should initiate movement and increased activity in your life. Nevertheless, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune are still retrograding for a while, with Mars joining the party on October 30th, so some aspects of your will still move slower. Mars and Jupiter are particularly noteworthy as these two planets rule your career and work sphere. With things slowing down in your career area, it is beneficial to focus on your home and family and see what needs your immediate attention in this sphere of life. 

    You will seek more fun and pleasure from the second part of the month, when the Sun enters your 5th house of entertainment on October 23rd. It is time to enjoy life and dedicate more time to life’s simple pleasures. For those of you who have children, the final days of the month might be filled with fun experiences with them. 

    The solar eclipse on October 25th takes place in your conception, creativity, fun and romance sphere. Major new beginnings regarding new hobbies, children and interests might be the highlight of this phase, or your children might be going through significant changes in their life. Since the 5th house is the 2nd house of your parents, a parental figure may undergo financial changes or perhaps invest their money in a property or a piece of land. 

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