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Capricorn Horoscope For November 2022


    Jupiter moved back into Pisces last month, where it will stay until December 20th. The pace of daily life may pick up, resulting in you having to multitask. Pay attention as there is a tendency to overschedule your diary under this transit’s influence. With Jupiter in Pisces in the final months of 2022, you can get mentally overwhelmed, making vital decisions concerning your lifestyle patterns. On a positive note, it is a beautiful time for expanding your mind through learning, reading and writing. 

    Mars is now retrograde in Gemini until mid-January 2023. This retrograde may create occasional creative blockages; however, try to remain flexible and go with the flow without putting too much pressure on yourself. Your parenting style and the romantic side of your life will also be important to you during this phase.

    The Lunar Eclipse on November 8th falls in the fixed sign Taurus. This lunar eclipse may stimulate the romantic and adventurous side of your life. This Lunar Eclipse may also encourage you to gain the skills you need to further your career. Your hunger for fun and entertainment will also be stimulated at this time, making you feel strongly about things that please you. At the same time, watch out that you don’t sacrifice other areas of life where your energies should be devoted. 

    The Sagittarius New Moon on November 23rd will shine in your twelfth house of hidden matters where mental health is emphasised. You may develop a fantastic idea for your next book or blog. You may prefer to keep this project private, at least in the initial phase. Hence you may find it more liberating and satisfying when working from behind the scene (from home or the library, for instance). With Venus, the ruler of this New Moon, prominent in your friendship zone, these coming four weeks will be more about friendships than romance. With Mercury retrograde now in Virgo until October 2nd, you might unexpectedly meet an old friend or renew an old friendship with a friend you haven’t been in contact with for a long time. 

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