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Gemini Horoscope For November 2022


Jupiter is now in your 12th house of hidden matters, where spiritual life takes centre stage. The harder you worked this year, the greater the befits you will see throughout this time. You might also decide to leave a problematic work-related situation as life may present new opportunities regarding your professional path. It is generally an extremely eventful time in terms of your career. An authority figure or a parent might become more central in your life throughout these final months of 2022.

Mars is now retrograde until Janaury 12th. This is a big deal for you, as this retrograde is happening in your sign. During this time, a partner or employer may need your attention or become your support system in helping you achieve a specific milestone. Ensure you look after your health and diet, as you may over-extend yourself or burn out quickly from too much work or action. Use your wisdom and compassion in your dealings with others, as with Mars retrograde in your sign, you might become easily insensitive, even unintentionally.

The lunar eclipse on November 8th could bring a private and secretive matter to the surface. Issues with co-workers could invade your privacy or your tenants. On a different level, you might also have to attend to health-related concerns. A lunar eclipse is not a good time for having a surgery or any medical or even beauty treatments

The Sagittarius New Moon on November 23rd turns your attention onto your one-to-one relationships. During this time, some degree of your freedom may have to be compromised to help another person. You may also experience a feeling of a push-and-pull effect, prompting you to consider how much you give and take from others. Many of you might be joining forces with another at this time (your love partner, business associate, or agent) in preparation for a significant project. 

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