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How the November 2021 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

The Lunar Eclipse on November 19th falls in a fixed sign Taurus 27°. This is the first out of the six eclipses on Taurus/Scorpio axis that will occur between 2021-2023.

A lunar eclipse is a very intense full moon. While solar eclipses are more external when we deal with situations or circumstances that we might trigger unconsciously lunar eclipses are more internal
when we deal with events that we might create as a result of our thoughts feelings and emotions.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth stands between the Sun and the Moon and the earth’s
shadow temporarily blocks the light that comes from the Sun, making the Moon disappear. A lunar eclipse can be visible from every part of the world where the Moon rises above the horizon. An important factor that transforms a full moon into a lunar eclipse are the nodes; the Moon doesn’t have to be exactly conjunct the nodes for it to be eclipsed however, it has to be within a certain proximity.

The November full moon is a nearly partial lunar eclipse, a very special lunar eclipse because it’s almost a total eclipse. A partial lunar eclipse happens when only a portion of the Moon disappears as
though something has taken a bite out of the it so the part of the Moon that doesn’t disappear, which in this case the scenario will be the majority of the Moon, changes into a slightly strange colour because even though the shadow is cast some light of the Sun can still get through.

The entire event can be visible from North America Alaska, Pacific Ocean Western Australia and Japan. When it comes to Western Asia some parts of Australia and New Zealand, the early stages of this eclipse will be missed because they will occur before the Moonrise.

A lunar eclipse often corresponds with significant and unexpected changes. Anything that happens during an eclipse would have occurred sooner or later—eclipses simply accelerate the timeline. Any endings (professional, romantic, emotional or domestic) that occur during eclipse season are helping clear space for exciting new opportunities and new beginnings. 

Your November 2021 Lunar Eclipse Horoscope:


This eclipse shines a light on your finances, resources, holdings and possessions. With the solar point activated in the 8th house, you might be seeing a settlement or a financial transaction of some sort that deposits money in your hand or bank account. Your unique abilities and skills are also highlighted at this time, meaning that someone might recognise or be drawn to your talents.


This eclipse exposes the personal issues of your partner or some external social affair that could impact you personally and draw you into the drama. This lunar eclipse could also bring an engagement, beginning of a business partnership or marriage planning. Furthermore, often legal matters start or end with a lunar eclipse in the 1st house. The Sun in the 7th may signify assistant to the significant other (check if your natal Mars & Pluto condition at the time of this lunar eclipse for more guidance).


This eclipse could bring a private and secretive matter to the surface. Perhaps issues with co-workers or people from your everyday life could invade your privacy. You might also have to attend to health-related concerns.


Your sphere of friendships is highlighted at this time. Your friendships with another person might be tested, or your relationships with groups you belong to organisations. You might have a greater need to seek validation from your friends and group activities. With the solar point activated in your 5th house of creativity, children and romance, there can be a significant event related to your child, the romantic partner in your life. Alternatively, you might be completing a project or starting a new business.


This Lunar Eclipse could bring or initiate major life changes, especially if close to the MC. This would indicate a possible change in career direction, you might decide you want to leave home and start a more independent life in order to establish your own identity. You might begin a new career. You might decide you need to get an education to qualify for the growth you seek in your career. The domestic sphere matters are illuminated by the Sun’s presence in this most personal area of your chart. major conclusions to matters concerning the home and housing, parents and family structures brought into the open area of public view (10th house).


The 3rd house matters are illuminated by the Sun’s presence in the 3rd. The Sun may help you to sharpen your networking skills, you may travel with siblings, foreign language studies are highlighted with this eclipses, writing, public speaking. Changes to your neighbourhood are possible at this time. This lunar eclipse might also offer you a new perspective or otherwise a broader vision of your life. Alternatively, your sibling might get married or have a child.


This lunar eclipse highlights your deepest relationships with others. The solar point in the 2nd house may bring rewards and gradually improve your financial situation due to possible financial gains thanks to your skills and talents.


During this time you might become involved in a social event, a good time for introducing healthy changes in your life. Any challenges and competition presented by others might stimulate you to prove yourself, allowing you to grow. You want to gain full control over the circumstances that emerge at this time.


Work or health-related matters, deadline press on major work projects, the end of a job, or getting a new job that you have wanted for a while or dealing with co-workers related issues. Alternatively, you might decide you want to adopt a pet. If you feel uncertain about your life at this time, you can change that by becoming more involved with people around you in your work life and your personal life.


This lunar eclipse may stimulate the romantic and the adventurous side of your life. This Lunar Eclipse may also stimulate you to gain the skills you need to further in your career. Your hunger for fun and entertainment is also going to be stimulated at this time, making you feel strongly about things that give you pleasure. At the same time, watch out that you don’t sacrifice other areas of life where your energies should be devoted.


This Lunar Eclipse is likely to prompt you to establish a solid and secure foundation so that you can successfully build a life for yourself. Gaining a greater sense of independence will give you a better perspective on life. The urge to achieve success in your career may prompt you to reach your objectives and exploit your creative talents that are the ultimate solution to access the gateway to your future.


Under the influence of this particular lunar eclipse, you might attract situations in which you must extend yourself when working with others, and this can make you feel that others know more than you. However, in reality, it could be the other way round, with others perceiving you as a highly intellectual individual. For that reason, this Lunar Eclipse is an excellent time for re-gaining self-confidence in your abilities, as you might be capable of much more than you realise. 

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