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Libra 2022 Horoscope – Your Annual Forecast

    Welcome to Your Annual Forecast for 2022!

    Jupiter stays in Pisces for the first four and a half months of 2022. If your job involves providing service of some sort, then this transit may help you establish friendly relations with clients and customers. Your office area may change too, resulting in you gaining more space. Under the influence of this transit, you perform best when you have the freedom to manage tasks your own way and at your own speed. Job benefits and incentives are also possible. Pay attention as under the influence of this transit, there is a tendency toward overeating, especially in the initial phase of this transit; hence a well-balanced diet is crucial for the healthy maintenance of your overall vitality.

    A new and important relationship may emerge between mid-May and mid-October, or even a possible long-term partnership. Opportunities come through cooperation with others throughout this time, while any business partnerships may bring positive and supporting energy. You may attract strong and intelligent partners; however, pay attention because you may also attract companions who want to dominate you.

    In 2022 your earning potentials are reduced to a certain extent; however, you can rely on others in case you need financial help and support. It includes loans, inheritances or partner’s income. Pay attention to your diet, as with the transiting South Node in Scorpio in your 2nd house, there is a tendency to neglect healthy nutrition. It is also a great time to see a dentist. Even if you don’t have any symptoms make sure to go for a check-up. You might have a greater interest in death, healing, research and intimacy. Self-transformation is also highly possible.

    Mars stations retrograde in Gemini from October 30th until January 2022. It would be an excellent time to return to any projects concerning foreign culture, far-distance travel or languages. With Mars retrograde activating your 9th house, you may also more than once ask yourself whether you are on the right direction in your life or whether something needs to change. 

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