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Scorpio Horoscope for October 2022

Venus, your love planet, is in her solstice until October 3rd, prompting you to re-evaluate any events and discussions that occurred in your personal relationships or love life in the last few weeks. Jupiter is in its solstice until October 16th (since September 8th). This has likely slowed down your financial growth and made you reassess certain aspects of your economic situation. You will get better clarity regarding your financial sphere after the 16th of the month. 

The Sun enters your sign on October 23rd, along with Venus, the planet that governs your love life and your spiritual sphere of life. This will likely increase your self-confidence and help you attract the right opportunities into your life. 

A solar eclipse on October 25th takes place in your sign. It impacts you profoundly and personally, forcing you to gain greater clarity about your future identity, goals and objectives. This may make you want to change your look, style, or overall presentation style. The Sun is the ruler of your career sphere, so every eclipse brings events into your professional life too. This eclipse may act as a trigger causing a career path change that you may initiate or resulting from external influences, such as government law changes. 

Jupiter re-enters Pisces, your sphere of creativity, on October 28th, until December 20th. Your need to express yourself creatively is likely to increase, and you may also decide you want to break away from old routines and outlived life patterns. While seeing the romantic side of your life from a very different angle, you will attract influential people into your life who may help you move up the ladder of success. A new love relationship is also possible for those who are single. If you recently experienced difficulties connecting with your children or young people at your place of work, these relationships or connections might also improve.

Mars retrograde occurs in Gemini between October 30th and mid-January 2023. Throughout this time, your intimate life and how you manage your shared and joint resources will go under close review. It is not the best period to try for a loan or expect much gain from any investments you may have. Instead, focus on what you already have and use this time to dive deep within the self and move away from any negative habits and routines to make space for something more significant to arise.  

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