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Virgo Horoscope for October 2022

Venus, Mercury and Jupiter have their solstice this month. A solstice occurs when a planet slows down in its latitudinal motion and then changes direction. Venus solstice (until October 3rd) is about delays and changes related to foreign travel and your life direction. Mercury solstice, on the other hand, may bring delays and a fresh start concerning your personal matters between the 13th-16th. Finally, the Jupiter solstice between 1st-16th may bring delays and news regarding your home and family-related affairs.

This is likely to be a productive month for you. The Sun is in your financial sphere until October 23rd, and Venus and Mercury will be here too throughout the month (Mercury from October 11th). With so much emphasis on your money area this month, this signals increased earnings and more luck in your finances. 

The solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25th takes place in your 3rd house of communication and short-distance travel. This eclipse emphasises your relationships with siblings and significant events in their life. Apart from this, you may receive an important message through a letter, email or text that could change the course of your life moving forward. 

Jupiter moves back into your relationship sphere on October 28th, where it will remain until December 20th. This suggests that your relationships with others will likely improve, and difficult problems will be resolved. Opportunities will come through cooperation with others; Partnerships may bring positive and supporting energy. You may attract strong and competent partners; however, pay attention because you may also attract companions who want to dominate you.

Mars stations retrograde in Gemini from October 30th until January 2023, triggering your career sphere and public life. During this time, pay close attention to how you project yourself in your outer world, your career, and how others react and respond to you. You may also experience career blockages; however, don’t let these energies stop you from making progress in your career. 

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