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The Real Difference Between Your Sun, Moon, & Rising Sign

Most people are familiar with their Sun Sign. However, unless they know astrology or have had their chart analysed by an astrologer, they may not know which Sign their Ascendant, also called Rising Sign, falls in.

The simplest way to explain your Ascendant or Rising Sign is to compare it to an avocado. What we see first is the skin (the Ascendant), then there is the green bit, the actual avocado part (our Sun), and finally, we get into the centre – the seed (our Moon). All of this makes the majority of the avocado or us as a person. The Ascendant describes our outer personality, the lens through which we see the world. On the other hand, the Sun defines our fundamental nature and ego, and the Moon our feelings and instinctual behaviour. A planet close to the Ascendant always significantly affects a person’s personality and needs to be considered. 

Your Sun sign represents your basic ego. Your Moon sign defines your inner emotional self. Your Ascendant describes the first impression, how you appear to other people, and your physical appearance.

While the Sun plays a vital role in the astrological chart, the Ascendant or Rising Sign play an equivalently important role. Both have distinct characteristics but work together to form our personalities. The Sun Sign traits are more apparent after we get to know a person deep-down. It describes the core behaviour we are most comfortable with. The Ascendant is regarded as an outer mask to hide some characteristics of our inner self that we may not wish to reveal.

The Sun Sign indicates our true nature and sense of self. In contrast, our everyday habits and goals in life are more based on our Sun Sign. Rising Sign qualities are more of our characteristics, describing how we unintentionally act in personal interactions with others.

The Ascendant shows how we appear to others and the first impression we make on people. It also describes our image and how we would like to be seen by others. Consequently, the Rising Sign qualities are more prominent than our Sun sign attributes when meeting someone for the first time. Although deep inside, we are more like our Sun sign. However, that takes longer to become apparent.

When the Ascendant is in a different sign than the Sun sign, you may find that you don’t actually resonate that much with your Sun sign characteristics. The reason for that is because your Ascendant and your Sun sign are in a different sign. As a result, you appear more like your Rising Sign. However, you still have your Sun sign qualities.

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