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Natal Venus in the Signs

purple and brown colored planet

Venus is one of the personal planets orbiting the Sun in approximately 225 days. It symbolises harmony, beauty, love, sensuality, desire for relationship, passion and the type of bonds with people you like forming. In ancient Greece, Venus was identified with the goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite. Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. In the body, it is responsible for the throat, bloodstream, ovaries and kidneys. Apart from that, it also controls skin rashes.

Natal Venus in the Signs:

You are spontaneous in expressing your feelings and enjoy flirting straightforwardly. You get quickly fascinated with other people, and for this reason, you may fall in love instantly. However, because of that, you can also get bored rapidly with your partner and, for this reason, may find it hard to build lasting relationships. You may realise that you are more interested in the process of flirting and getting someone’s interest than in maintaining a healthy relationship. With your charming and often childlike attitude, it makes others difficult to get angry with you. In a relationship, you attract others with your vibrant energy, enthusiasm and self-confidence. You tend to stay away from partners who are serious, responsible, and controlling.

It is a dominant position for Venus, as Taurus is its natural ruling sign. This placement makes you highly sensual. You enjoy comfort, pleasant experiences and like to surround yourself with luxury and beautiful objects. For this reason, you need to have the financial security that will provide this type of comfort. In relationships, intimacy and touch are critical to you. You often need to control what is happening in your relationships and feel threatened by any changes. It can often result in you being quite possessive. Usually, you need some time to fall in love, as you do not like to throw yourself into new relationships. However, as soon as someone gets your feelings, the relationship will last a long time.

With Venus in this mutable sign, you value communication in relationships with other people, and you also have a great need to share your thoughts with your partners continually. Apart from that, it would be best if you also had intellectual stimulation in your relationships. You most certainly dislike when things are predictable and every day is the same in love partnerships, as you can get bored quickly. Moreover, you tend to avoid quiet and somewhat difficult partners, as they would undoubtedly drain you. Finally, people with Venus in Gemini enjoy charming their love partners with intellect, brilliance and a great sense of humour. They are often very good at flirting using a game of words.

With your natal Venus in Cancer in the relationships, you expect safety, stability and care from the partner. You often treat your partner like a mother, always caring for their physical and mental well-being. Emotions and closeness are significant to you, as you would find it hard to be with a cold person who keeps you at a distance. It would be best if you found someone with whom you share similar hobbies and interests. You can intuitively sense the moods and needs of others. At times you can be careless and prone to being offended. With Venus in Cancer, family is essential to you, and you usually stay connected to it throughout life. Similarly, your home, which you treat as a place where you want everyone to feel cosy and comfortable. For this reason, you enjoy looking after it, decorating it and making it look pretty and stylish.

With Venus in Leo, you like to feel special and noticed by others. In love, you are very romantic and, at the same time dramatic, inclined to essential words and grand gestures. Sometimes you may like to make your partner envious, talking about how much attention you get from the opposite sex. However, you only make your partner jealous because, in reality, you are faithful, loyal and constant in feelings. On the other hand, you perceive jealousy from your partner as a compliment, confirming that your partner cares about you. You may have some artistic talent and may try to create something in life to feel more fulfilled.

You like to be needed and are willing to sacrifice and persevere in working on the relationship. You can accept the fact that the relationship is far from ideal, but at the same time, you try to strive for the perfect partnership. Often you do not feel confident when it comes to your ability to get the other person’s feelings, and you may even think that you do not deserve them. For this reason, some people who fancy you may feel that you are not interested in having a relationship, even though it isn’t true. Furthermore, when you meet someone for the first time, it may take you a little while until you open up. You are not attracted to people who like to show off and are superficial. When it comes to your taste in art, clothing or interior design, you usually go for the natural raw materials, simplicity and toned down colours.

People with this Venus in Libra like to impress others with their charming and kindness. They usually have idealised image of their relationships, however due to their sensitivity they can easily sense if someone is taking advantage of them. In which case they can become quite resentful and distant. They seek harmonious relationships with others and dislike to be offended or disrespected at all cost. If you treat Venus in Libra person with respect and politeness they will reward you with kindness and appreciation. Art and creativity play an important role in this people’s lives, to the point that they can become quite picky when it comes to aesthetics and will take their time when it comes to choosing the right art work, clothing or furniture.

When Venus is placed in Scorpio in your birth chart, you attract people with a particular magnetism and mystery in behaviour. You are a passionate and sensual person with strong feelings. In general, you are very much involved in love relationships, and you need to love and be loved wholly and exclusively. You may be prone to emotional dependence and control partners, even though you may find it difficult to admit it to yourself. You create an impression of being stable in your feelings and loyal. Nevertheless, at the same time, you may find it hard to feel secure emotionally in relationships. At times you may be overwhelmed by fears that your partner will leave you, and what is important to you will come to an end. This can lead to you losing the joy of partnership and identify love with constant fears and suffering.

You are a sincere, direct, spontaneous and usually a cheerful person who enjoys being on the move, dancing and spending time in nature. In relationships, you want to develop and expand your horizons, and you appreciate the company of people from whom you can learn something interesting. You want the other person to share or at least accept your views and ideas. You do not like monotony and routine; you are not interested in relationships and too predictable people. You are impatient, you don’t like to stay in unsatisfying situations, and when a crisis occurs, you can break up such a relationship quite quickly. You must be very committed to wanting to give this relationship a second chance and work on it. You have a great need for freedom, and it can take some time before you get involved and bond with someone permanently. When you are interested in someone romantic, you will try to win that person’s heart with your optimism, sense of humour and joy of life. Sometimes you also try to show off your life wisdom and have a tendency to philosophise.

With your natal Venus in Capricorn, you may project yourself to others like a cold and reserved person. You approach your love and relationships very seriously by being devoted and faithful; however, you lack spontaneity. Sometimes you associate with practical reasons, for example, to improve your position. When someone is interested in you, you try to make a good impression on him/her with your responsibility, competence and self-control. You may seem distanced and isolated, but some people are fascinated, and the more they will try to break the barriers to gain your interest. The apparent coolness usually results from a lack of self-confidence and, at the same time try to hide it. Love in your concept is expressed in practical gestures, in responsibility for the other person, not in great words and dramatic deeds. You are pretty conservative, and at the same time, have been in feelings and are looking for a serious relationship that you will probably want to formalise.

With natal Venus in Aquarius, you have a great need for freedom in relationships. You cannot stand limitations and possessiveness. You can give the impression of being cool and not very involved. Your partner relationships are more like a friendship than a typical love relationship. As with all Venus positions in air signs, you are looking for intellectually stimulating partners with whom you can have stimulating conversations. With your natal Venus in Aquarius, it is particularly essential for you that your partner has an open mind and does not follow the schemes so that he can accept your often unique views, interests or preferences. At the same time, you usually give others the right to own opinions and preferences, however strange they may seem. Often you have a modern, avant-garde sense of aesthetics and your unique style, for example, in clothing or the way of furnishing your apartment.

You are a sensitive and romantic person, dreaming about perfect love. You often idealise your partners without noticing or ignoring their bad habits, which later may result in disappointments.

People with this placement often attract partners with problems and people who need help, as they do not consider their social status. In other scenarios, you may get involved in complicated relationships with people who are sick or addicted, believing that you can get them out of it. Meanwhile, it may happen that someone like you will get in trouble or use your credulity. You can also be inclined to sacrifice for someone and give up your own goals.

Unfortunately, especially with the problematic aspects of Venus, the not-so-nice feature of this position is the use of this sacrifice to make a sacrifice and arouse a sense of guilt in the partner.

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