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Weekly Astrology Forecast: January 1-17, 2021

    This week begins with Mercury/Jupiter conjunction that brings optimism and positivity into our lives, making it an excellent time for being friendly and generous towards others. Our enthusiasm and positive thinking mean that nearly anything we put into our minds will work.

    If you plan on buying or selling anything, you should turn a profit during this time, as you can negotiate a better deal in any sphere of life.

    On Tuesday 12th, Mercury square Uranus brings excitement and movement into your daily life. With the Uranian energy in play, you could receive some unexpected news or alternatively experience something surprising and unforeseen that may force you to alter your plans. A heightened need for stimulation or entertainment makes you easily distracted and less effective.

    On a positive note, you have an increased ability to view things from a different perspective, leading to fresh ideas and discoveries.

    The first New Moon of the year occurs on 12-13 of January at 23 degrees and 13 minutes of Capricorn, where stability, cautious planning and structure come into focus. A New Moon in Capricorn is a good time for committing to personal goals, setting realistic and practical intentions while focusing on developing self-discipline.

    At the time of this lunation, Mars, the planet of action and drive is already in the stable sign Taurus, slowing the energy down. As a result of that, it might take a while until we decide to make a move, waiting for the right moment, but ones we do we will see it through the end.

    This New Moon is conjunct (closely aligned) the transformational planet Pluto, making our feelings more obsessive and profound. Any events in our lives that occur around this time may allow us to learn more about our real feelings regarding another person or a situation. Also, relations with others could be unusually intense at this time, leading to profound emotional experiences.

    The Moon sextile mystical planet Neptune makes us more sensitive towards other people’s moods. If you are a rather sensitive type, negative people could make you feel drained quickly. For that reason, it is a good time for being surrounded by individuals who make us feel good. A feeling of great compassion towards others is also possible, making it a good time for doing some volunteering or charity work.

    Saturn, the Moon’s dispositor is in the sign of Aquarius, where the focus is on equality and fairness. With Mercury and Jupiter travelling through this humanitarian sign, there is a sense of heightened integrity in our choices and actions.

    Whilst Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury square Mars and Uranus in Taurus, any plans or projects that we have, might get interrupted or challenged.

    Fortunately, Venus trine Uranus alignment balances these energies, stimulating our affections and bringing some excitement into our love life, whilst allowing us to reduce the level of tension caused by the challenging aspects formed at this lunation.

    On Thursday, Jan 14, Sun conjunct Pluto considerably increases our inner power and ability to influence our life outcomes. However, our increased intensity can lead to conflicts and having to deal with controlling and manipulative behaviour. This is a wonderful time to do profound research and self-examination or alternatively get to the root of any serious relationship struggles. Generally, this transit encourages transformation and soul growth. Initially, this will involve withdrawing from the outside world and taking a thorough look at the situation. The re-birthing process will take you to greater self-esteem. 

    The week concludes with Jupiter square Uranus suggesting a sudden change in life direction, where significant opportunities could be at hand. Nevertheless, be mindful of a strong feeling of impatience that you could experience around this time as this could lead to unwanted disturbance and unforeseen events. The key with these energies is to move with caution, deciding carefully which opportunities to follow. 

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