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Weekly Astrology Forecast: March 01-07, 2021

This week begins with Mars moving into curious Gemini, where it will remain until April 23rd. While Mars travels through this mutable sign, all Geminis (Sun, Moon and Rising) will feel more energised, motivated and passionate. This is a wonderful time to act, as if you put in the work, you could turn your dreams into reality. 

Collectively, with Mars in Gemini, we need action and diversity. Staying focused on one thing for too long might be a challenge. We are likely to be more flexible when it comes to going after what we truly desire, and in case things don’t work out the first time around, we adapt and come up with another plan. Since there is a tendency to move from one thing to another under the influence, it might be challenging to see things through to the end. For this reason, it might take us an extra effort to complete whatever we begin. 

On Wednesday, March 3rd, Venus sextile Uranus makes us desire more freedom and space, especially in love relationships. There is also often a greater need for fun and excitement. Even though this is a short-lasting transit, it can bring some delightful surprises to some of us. It is also an excellent time to study astrology and/or anything metaphysical, or alternatively, some of us might feel stimulated to talk about rather unconventional and unique topics. Since Venus also rules beauty, some people might feel like experimenting with their look or wardrobe style. 

Mercury conjunct Jupiter on March 4th and the 5th can bring good news to some of us, but also enthusiasm and high mental energy, making this an excellent time for doing things that are mentally stimulating and resolving any issues or misunderstanding with others. This transit is also likely to make us more generous and understanding, and thanks to a broader perspective on life, we will be able to find solutions to any issues there might be. 

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