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Leo 2022 Horoscope – Your Annual Forecast


2022 is a good year for creating additional revenues for generating more income. Situations that occur this year are meant to stimulate you to define your own values to live a better life. Between May 10th and September 15th Jupiter will move into your sphere of foreign matters, emphasizing the expansion of your wisdom, knowledge, and horizons, where you will look for a higher understanding of your life purpose. If you are knowledgeable about a specific topic, you may decide to pass on your knowledge to others and begin to teach.

Under the influence of the transiting North Node in Taurus and the transiting South Node in Scorpio, you may be given more authority in your career this year. Homelife may suffer at this time, and you may find it difficult to either buy or sell a property. Your focus is on your outer world rather than your home life. You may have a specific calling; however, since the 10th house also represents the parental figure, you may also have to care for an ageing parent. If you plan on renting or buying a property, avoid areas close to flood zones or earthquake spots and check the past history of any property you intend to invest your money in. 

During the eclipses seasons in late April and mid-May and then again throughout October and November, elderly parents may need your attention. Watch out for any leaks, toxins or other hidden problems at your home. These periods favour strong career growth. 

Mars turns retrograde in Gemini this year, between the end of October and mid-January 2023. During this time, there might be some turbulence in your social life, prompting you to reassess your social connections and who you want to spend your time with. You may find yourself in situations when your ability to assert yourself in group situations might also be tested. This retrograde also pushes you to become realistic about your long-term plans and goals. 

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